Rootsense Storage Caring Interactive System

Rootsense Storage Caring Interactive System

SCI Storage Caring Interactive System (Storage Caring Interactive System) is a complete systematic product concept under Rootsense Technology. Through user needs, scene needs and technology applications, it provides basic concepts and technical support for Rootsense products. It has been successfully applied to all product categories.

SCI integrates the analysis and classification of shoe and clothing fabrics, the research of various processes that affect the lifespan, such as glue, and the environmental control requirements of shoe and clothing storage at a constant temperature and humidity.

SCI is a comprehensive system that addresses the needs of users, the environment, and the products themselves. It is designed to extend the lifespan of shoes and clothing, while also providing a convenient and enjoyable experience for users.

SCI is a significant innovation in the field of home and personal care products. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we store and care for our shoes and clothing.

By applying the core technologies of the SCI Storage Caring Interactive System, Rootsense solves a variety of problems caused by improper storage of items in living spaces, such as yellowing, mold, bacterial odor, oxidation, deformation, and fundamental quality damage. Rootsense provides a smart experience for quality living.

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