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Elevate Your Living with Rootsense: Tech for Healthier Spaces.

Beyond boxes, beyond routine. Rootsense: Tech reimagines caring for what matters, healthier spaces, sharper you.


Equipment Storage

Analyze sports & travel gear care needs. Design specialized bag structures & processes to cater to diverse user requirements.

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Clothes & Shoe Storage

Upgrade your shoe and clothes storage! Stop mold, warping, and creepy crawlies with smarter solutions. Live happier at home!

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Food Storage

Level up your fridge and pantry! Keep food fresh and germ-free with smarter storage. Eat healthier, live happier!

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  • Elevate every active adventure with our gear care solutions

    The go-to choice for 5,000+ sports and travel enthusiasts

  • Experience comfort, convenience, and quality living

    Revolutionizing the storage and care of your wardrobe essentials, the top 1 in its category

  • Fresh flavors, healthy eating

    Pioneers in the refrigerator deodorizer category, setting the industry standard


Leading High-End Disinfection Innovation

Prioritize health and well-being with our industry-leading disinfection solutions. Make smart choices for a clean living environment.