Angel came, Our Fridge's Glowing Guardian

Angel came, Our Fridge's Glowing Guardian

With the sweltering heat of summer in full swing, my fridge has become a haven for fresh fruits and refreshing drinks. I don't usually stock up on meat and veggies during this time, but I do go overboard with fruits and beverages.

My fridge has three compartments: top, middle, and bottom, corresponding to the cold storage, convertible, and freezing zones, respectively. Since I have a lot of condiments and enjoy making various marinades, the cold storage zone isn't big enough, so I've converted the convertible zone into another cold storage area.

The top shelf holds my most frequently used condiments and drinks, while the drawer houses the fruits I'm currently enjoying. The middle layer is split between soup ingredients and fruits I use for drinks, baking, or infusing alcohol (which require longer storage).

Even with strong-smelling condiments in the cold storage zone, I don't have to worry about odors thanks to my trusty Rootsense Guardian Angel Candy Egg. I've had one for about 3-4 years now, and the battery is still going strong! One charge lasts a whole month.

Besides odor elimination, bacteria killing, and air purification, it also extends the shelf life of my food. So, after converting the convertible zone into another cold storage area, I immediately bought another Candy Egg. Now, I have one for each cold storage zone, perfectly solving the issue of my fruits going bad too quickly.

Last night, I cut open a watermelon and was disappointed by its lack of sweetness. I remembered that refrigerating can enhance the sweetness of watermelon, so I popped it in the fridge to chill. And thanks to my Rootsense deodorizer, I didn't have to worry about flavor transfer. I cut it up and put it right in, and after walking the dog, I was enjoying a refreshing, sweet treat!

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