Summer Storage for Delicate Fabrics

Summer Storage for Delicate Fabrics

When summer arrives, how do you store your cashmere and silk coats? In the South, where coats and short sleeves coexist, summer quickly follows...

While organizing the bedroom and switching seasonal clothes, I decided to handle it myself. Seasonal decluttering and storing away autumn and winter clothes in boxes, especially worried about the humid southern weather causing odors and mold. 

Many friends recommended the Rootsense Clothing Care System. Its sleek design and dual-mode intelligent care keep the wardrobe fresh with continuous airflow to remove musty odors. The daily mode extracts herbal essence to deter pests and inhibit mold growth. It also works as a motion-sensing light, turning on when someone approaches. The app control offers more scenarios, making it perfect for the bedside, bathroom, or cabinets. 

Initially hesitant about buying a care machine for a few clothes, I realized it's a small investment to protect valuable clothing. The white one looks great, and now, it silently guards my clothes. Friends often ask if I prefer buying a few expensive pieces or many cheap ones. Living in the South, I opt for quality autumn and winter wear and focus on cost-effective spring and summer outfits. How about you?

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